Safer Libraries Consulting

We inspire public libraries to create safer, more inclusive spaces through compassionate de-escalation techniques.

The training program offered by Safer Libraries Consulting is the result of over 30 years experience in the fields of safety and security, including 15 years of direct patron service at a major public library system in the U.S. 

Our ideals are shaped by Andrew Carnegie's observation that public libraries are places "where neither rank, office, nor wealth receives the slightest consideration". Time and again, our empathetic approach to safety through de-escalation has proven to be effective, with remarkable reductions in incidents year over year. 

Our training sessions have been provided to staff at the Billings Public Library, the University of Montana, The Seattle Public Library, and many more. We have also presented at library conferences throughout the country, including state conferences in Louisiana, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

Situations in public spaces are ever evolving and so are we. We adapt along with libraries. Our programs are continually refined to better serve our clients in the hopes that they may do the same for their patrons. 

"I am so impressed by Rick's consulting services. He approaches library safety with empathy, expertise, and heart. He provided de-escalation training to my team, explored our work environment and offered recommendations, and supported us through one-on-one coaching. We apply his wisdom regularly in real life situations!"

Slaven Lee, Director, Missoula Public Library